Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barca1-1 Real Madrid

Well the First half of the 4  Barca Real Madrid games are over with. It took me a few days to calm down about the draw in the first game and to control my rage and sadness over our loss in the Copa Del Rey final.

First and foremost the away game in Madrid. This game had two goals and broke two "curses". First came Messi's goal, it was a penalty, in the 53rd minute. This game was 100% in Barca's favor but Madrid gave them little space to maneuver. What struck me most about this game was how similar the formation and play style was to Inter's when they beat Barcelona last year.  Basically they pulled all 10 players back to defend and then as soon as they got the ball pressed forward with all 10 players. It was end to end football and very entertaining if you don't a affiliations with either team. If you were me, you had a heart attack at least 4 separate times. Now for Ronaldo's penalty. It was not a penalty in my opinion but I am very biased. You should see it for yourself if you would like to comment on it. Either way Ronaldo scored a fine penalty, I can't take anything from the goal itself. Now There was ANOTHER possible penalty for Barcelona earlier in the match. Since it wasn't called it is unnecessary for us to argue over it. On to the next Classico

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well I'm going to make this one very brief. Shaktar was a threat in the first 15 minutes. After that Barcelona kept them under control and played their normal control game. Messi scored the only goal in the 43rd minute. It was a low shot that the keeper could not stop. Good times for us. Shaktar did get many chances throughout the 90 minutes but Valdes kept the ball out. The Shaktar Goalkeeper also did his job and denied Affellay and Messi goals. Other than that just pure Barca Dominance. See you all at the Classico

Barcelona Champions league (1st leg)

Sorry for the late update guys. School has been in the way. Let's get this done quickly
Okay for the first leg Barcelona dominated at the Camp Nou. The first goal was made by Iniesta. He scored in the 2nd minute within the box with a quick break away. He just slid the ball underneath the keeper, it was a nice finish. Alves then scored in the 34th minute. This goal came from a mistake from the keeper. The lobbed pass was good to Alves but the Keeper should have gone forward but he didn't and he paid the heaviest price, a fantastic goal. I also enjoyed the Brazilian celebration shared by Adriano and Alves. The next goal came off a corner. Pique scored the first goal in the second half at minute 53. It was a simple pass from a corner and a kick by the defender to make it 2 in 2 matches. Shaktar came back to make it 3-1 from a freekick. Yaroslav Rakitskiy then exploded to make it to the ball and made a shot that Valdes could not stop.  Keita then made the gap wider in the 60th minute. He made his goal with a power shot in the upper left hand corner. Great finishing, great, passing and great speed. The goal that shows Barcelona's supremacy. Xavi then ended it in the 86th minute. The goal was created by Alves and finished with a light touch by Xavi.