Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barca VS Mallorca
A Messi header. We do not see those every game but they are special when we do. Keita made a perfect pass. I think he should get more playtime because when he sees an opportunity he makes the most of it. I'm glad that barcelona can make things happen without xavi and Puyol. Villa's goal is simply a Villa goal. He took his time and set himself for the shot. If he had shot too soon he may have missed. He timed it perfectly and thats why he came away with a goal. Also, that through ball by Busquests was very nicely done and he deserves recognition for it. But the goal that takes the cake is Pedro's goal. He just slams it in just inside the box. (on the line?).It was a powerful shot that cut across the keeper into the goal. It was unexpected powerful and exciting, all that is expected for a barca striker. This player deserves more recognition, he attacks well, he passes well, he defends when he is needed, and, as seen in this game, he can net a good goal
    Now, this was a classic barca game. They attacked, controlled the ball, and when the opposition started pressing the defense held strong and they shut out the opposition. Good game all in all
and as always
Visca Barca


  1. Good post, I was very impressed by that pass as well. the offense was great too

  2. That was a good video. Pass was good as you said.

  3. Omg, my roommate is the biggest Barca fan....he was watching this game the other afternoon and all I could hear from his room was yelling and swearing. He was in there alone....haha