Monday, March 14, 2011

Barcelona Vs Sevilla

This is always one of my favorite games. Sevilla could be my second favorite spanish club. Players like Negredo, Jesus Navas, Kanoute and Renato all play here. They are all goal scorers. Barcelona also buys many players from this club. Now onto the game

This game ended 1-1, A goal by Bojan (on of my favorite barca players) and a goal by Navas (a header with a really good cross by Negredo). Bojan's goal started with a wonderful cross by Iniesta (seriously it was great this isnt just bias) that went to Dani Alves who then passed accross the goal box to Bojan. Bojan then tried to kick it and did get a touch but got pushed into the goal from behind. Luckily he took the ball with him for a goal.
Sevilla really earned their goal. After Negredo fought through the right hand side of the box Navas got wide open on the left, He then saw him crossed it and Navas put it away. Abidal tried to block it but it was shot too far away from him.
Barcelona had a goal disallowed early on by messi, and three players hit the post three times. Messi hit it off a header Iniesta hit it off a long range shot, and I'll have to check the third one. I want to say it was Dani Alves but i don't want to  "guess".
All in all barca could have taken the game but they came home with a point.

And as always Visca Barca


  1. The video was great! Nice write-up..

  2. Watched that on the internet! Barca (y) Real (n)
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