Friday, March 25, 2011

In Defense of Bojan. AND Barca VS Getafe That's for you the guy who commented and said "embed the video next time"

First and foremost the game. Pedro was still out due to injury and that allowed my favourite barca player ,Bojan, to start. Now the game went in Barca's favor for most of the match. Everyone made their runs and generally a good game for Barca. Now Dani Alves's goal was as the english would say "a cracker of a goal". It was a very powerful shot that came off of a headed clearance from a Getafe player. Alves sprinted from further up the pitch to the ball and kicked a volley that curved right (facing goal) right past the hands of the keeper. That was 1-0. Next came Bojan's goal. It was assisted by Messi and Bojan held onto the ball for a bit and shot went the defenders began to pressure him. The ball was touched by the defender but it still was a goal. After Bojan got subbed off (along with two midfielders) Getafe seemed to get their stride and began attacking. They ended up scoring to make it 2-1 with a beautiful volley.

Now for the whole "Defense of Bojan" thing. He's been getting a pretty bad rap since he hasn't scored as much or he doesnt play like messi. Now there is talk of selling him. This is B.S. Bojan played really well in my opinion. Sure it took him a good 10-15 minutes to get his stride but once he did we saw what the 20 year old can do. He doesn't attack like villa. Villa likes to move past defenders into passing lanes to get his shot whereas Bojan pushes through the defense and gives the ball handler more time to shoot, pass, dribble etc. He is in more of a support role. I think he would get better if he were loaned AND ONLY  loaned a year to a English side. He plays very well but he needs to get a little bit more physical and where better than in the Premier League. People seem to expect Bojan to blossom like Messi or Pedro but seem to forget he is 3 years younger than both of them. Give him more time to fully develop as a player. I'm sure people also noticed that after Bojan got subbed off that Getafe got more time on ball and more shots on goal. Can I say it was all becuase of Bojan not being there,yes I could. I'd be wrong though. He did have an impact that much cannot be contested. He clearly pressures well. He just needs more playing time becuase his youth shows when he clearly doesnt know what to do with the ball. Some say sell him bu if we keep selling off our young players because they aren't as good as Messi;we will lose great players. COUGH Cesc Fabregas.

Before I forget though my best regards to Abidal. Get healthy man, don't worry about playing. J' espere que tu te sens meillure. Nous pouvons jouer sans toi pour quelque mois. (yes i speak french)
Visca Barca


  1. I saw that goal, and I must say it was a cracker.

    Keep up the good work